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Sunday, January 4, 2009

'08 Ends in a BLAST!

We are beginning to see the light of day as the tinsel and confetti begin to settle. With that, Nathan and I wish you a happy new year.

To reflect, 2008 was a great year, which ended with Weapon of Choice landing on some pretty sweet 'Games of 2008' lists:

Oh, and we should mention the pieces in The Official Xbox Magazine: Independents' Day is in the January edition on newsstands now (pdf version) and Opinion Editorial in the February edition. Plus, we are expecting future articles in Paste Magazine, Official Xbox Magazine-UK, and 360 Magazine-UK.

In addition, we received some excellent reviews (Weapon of Choice has now 'arrived' on Metacritic but needs more reviews to get an final score):
We are pleased that Weapon of Choice has been in the top 5 of best selling Community Games since the launch of the channel. Unfortunately, we have no idea what that means as far as actual sales numbers, but within top 5 for six weeks sure sounds cool.

We shall close with information about a pending podcast. Nathan is scheduled to be on the AVault podcast on Friday, January 9th. Tune in-- Nathan will be announcing details for the upcoming WoC Speed Run Contest.

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