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Friday, July 31, 2009

Must keep programming...

I'll be honest. There's a lot to do still before we submit Grapple Buggy to DBP. But that doesn't mean it all won't get done.

Somehow I'll find the will and the organizational umph to keep it all together. In the meantime, I'll let the lolcat get across my scattered state of mind.

How can a cat communicate human feelings so well? It's practically scary.


Geichz said...

that's pretty funny lol

Stegersaurus said...

Congrats on getting your game in on time. I know a lot of people got messed up by submission process issues, but it looks like you'll be around to compete with me still. Oh well, I can't win em all I suppose ;)

Nathan Fouts said...

Thanks for not spamming. Battle Beat looks pretty intriguing. Good luck with it!