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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Weapon of Choice!

Original box art--feel the nostalgia!

Today marks the birthday of Weapon of Choice and Xbox 360 Indie Games! Of course back on November 19th 2008, the service was called Community Games, but it's grown since.

The Microsoft homepage for all things XNA has a snazzy splash currently up with Constance fighting a nasty Scat Thrower (second from right).
Let's take a trip down memory lane...
Here's a hilarious story about pricing the game:
Yeah, so much has been improved on Indie Games! Now we have price changing abilities, the Top Rated section and user ratings, and daily sales data.

And here's the first reported sales week on Major Nelson!

Top Community Games NEW! (Full Versions purchased)
1 Word Soup
2 Golden Royal Balckjack (sic)
3 Weapon of Choice
4 Colosseum
5 ZSX4 Guitarpocalypse
6 Sin(Surfing)
7 In the Pit
8 Head Banger
9 Snake360
10 Swords and Monsters

Ahh just think back...Swords and Monsters was driving people nuts and we hadn't even heard of an 'app' yet.. at least not on the 360.

Fast forward to more recently, here are some newish stories about the game:

Modern day box art--note the less stylish, but actually legible title!

And finally the newest update of Weapon of Choice IS NOW AVAILABLE!
It includes:
  • 4 new difficulty settings (six total now!) but they aren't simply increases in enemy health!
  • Easy--for taking your time
  • Wicked--spinning spiked pain aplenty
  • Mega Death--no Deathbrushing for you, see how you fare!
  • Mega Wicked--spinning spikey madness, and no Deathbrushing to save you, how will you possibly survive?
  • Also...
  • 4 control schemes possible
  • More enemy balancing and tuning
  • 10% more hookahs


Gabriel Ware said...

the link to majornelson links to multiplayerblog :)

Anyway, Happy birthday WoC !

Nathan Fouts said...

Fixed, thanks for the look out and the birthday wishes!

Hunty said...

happy birthday to us supercool "launch title" dudes!

Nathan Fouts said...

Exactly Hunty,
(WoC and In The Pit clink beers!)

Anonymous said...

Okay, old post but: Will there be an update that will remove outdated Death Brushing circles? Since the last update, old circles stay visible, even when the danger is over.