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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

8 Bit Horse

With Shoot 1UP blasting it's way to your Xbox 360 and into your hearts later next week, I thought now would be a grand time to introduce you to 8 Bit Horse.

8 Bit Horse is the premier source for upcoming, current, and heritage 2D console games. 8 Bit Horse is maintained by myself, and my long-time friend, and legally registered gameholic, AJ Johnson. We carefully dissect each and every game lovingly and help you keep track of the new interesting new games coming out.

We do not review games in the usual sense. For upcoming games, we cover the interesting gameplay mechanics they purport and for existing games, we delve into every tasty morsel of fun, exploring what's good about each game.

We created 8 Bit Horse, not only because we want you buy MBG's new 2D games (which we do of course, because we like food, shelter, and clothes.. well some of us like clothes), but because we are crazy-stupid about 2D games in general. We grew up playing them, and somehow forgot to stop even after the rest of the world decided that 3D was the superior format. For some unfathomable reason, the industry has decided that 3D is the replacement for 2D, which makes about as much sense as suggesting that movies are the replacement for books. Both are art, and there are things that are simply done better in one format than the other.

8BH has several starter articles like the one above, check them out!

One of the more prominent features of 8 Bit Horse is our list of Heritage Games. These are 2D games from all past consoles, hand-selected largely for their unique or interesting gameplay mechanics. This is not a list of obscure titles, nor a list of undiscovered or under-appreciated games. Most of these are games that you’ve probably heard of – and hopefully played. But if you have not, you owe it to yourself to check these games out, and make them a part of your video game heritage.

8 Bit Horse will continue to grow.
No, we do not have every game covered yet, (Blaster Master Overdrive threw everyone for a loop (but we have the original-huge!), and of course we are missing games here and there. Muramasa is on its way as are many more!) but they will come. We are currently covering mostly action games as those are of the most interest to us, but we may expand coverage. As new information surfaces, we will list new games, allowing you an easy place to find all the new 2D games worth playing.
When you come to 8 Bit Horse, you won't have to sift through piles of random game information: you'll get solid, direct articles about 2D console action games. Follow 8BH on twitter, or check out the site for new articles.

A wise but anonymous man once said:
The problem with 2D is its lack of a third dimension;
The problem with 3D is… everything else.

2D games offer the perfect blend of beautiful art and superb gameplay, and 8 Bit Horse is where to find them.