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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Help Translate Shoot 1UP

We're nearly finished porting Shoot 1UP to Windows Phone 7! It probably won't be out on the marketplace till early next year, but it's exciting to have it almost complete.

Mecha Lilith needs your help!
Microsoft is publishing the title, and has been a great help navigating all their tricky rules for being an official LIVE enabled game. But Mommy's Best Games is responsible for figuring out localization. We're looking at various translation houses (and even Google Translate) but I wanted to check in with shoot'em up fans first.

Bullets speak louder than words, but there's menus and tutorials to be translated too!
Are you interested in helping translate Shoot 1UP
We need a few translators for each of the following languages: French, Italian, German, and Spanish. There are about 1,100 words to be translated. I say "a few" people to translate, as I think it would be beneficial to have one translate the original text, and at least one proofread.

Here's a random sample of strings needed to be localized:

Title Text to translateNotes

AwardsCompleted Achievements Completed!
Back Back go back one menu
BestScore Best Best score
BuyGame Buy Full Game purchase the complete game
CalibrateDescription1 Please hold your device in a resting 
CalibrateDescription2 orientation that is most comfortable
CalibrateDescription3 for you, then press Ready...

I'll provide notes as well so for instance, the "Back" word could mean a human's back, or go back to the previous menu. Obviously here it means "back to the previous menu" which is included in each entries notes.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who's offered to help! 
It looks like we have enough people to translate the game to the above 4 languages. If you're interested in translating the game to any other languages (like Brazilian Portuguese for instance) please contact me and we'll see if it would work.

If you are interested in contributing, please email me at nathan (at) mommysbestgames (dot) com and specify what language you can help with. Native speakers would probably work best. If it works out we'll definitely get you in the credits for the game, and hopefully be able to compensate you as well.
Thanks a bunch!


PaweĊ‚ said...

Did you translate this game on polish? If you will I'm interesting about help.

Gudril said...

I'd be glad to help with the french localization but your address has been truncated in the article... Could you post it in a comment so I can email you please?

Nathan Fouts said...

I will check with MS, thanks!

My email is
I currently have a few people to help with French I think, but you can still write and if anything falls through I'll see if you could still help. Thanks!

theaceofthespade said...

Do you have anyone for spanish?

Nathan Fouts said...

Fortunately so far we do have a few people helping with Spanish.

Oh, and @Pawel, I check with Microsoft, and you want to translate Polish, they're fine with it, and I'm willing to put it into the game as well.

Same goes for Portuguese.

Hanamigi said...

Italian here! Sent you an email.

r4 sdhc cards said...

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