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Saturday, December 1, 2012

>This< Close for XXL!

Serious Sam Double D XXL is juuuuuuust about finished with its bug fixes, and ready to enter its first (and hopefully only) round of Xbox Live Arcade Certification testing!

The coop version of the Ornithocheirus mini-boss fight.

Serious Sam Double D launched on Steam in August 2011.  Since then, we added a ton of new features, from coop play to stacks of new guns, inevitably introducing new problems. Examples of a few new bugs and their fixes include:
  • Crashes in between levels when one thread was saving data and another was loading.
  • Occasionally saving at a checkpoint and reloading would actually return you to the level start.
  • Pulling the MU storage device right when it saved showed the wrong message (said it was out of storage space, which was cute, because in a way, it was! Since, you know, there was no storage device, and no storage space since it had been yanked. Anyway, fixed)
  • Dino mini-boss duo-fight showed the wrong health if one of the creatures died but the other still lived (showed zero). 
  • Hero homing rockets and bullets would seek bad guys, but also seek neutral dinosaurs even before they got mad at you.
So yeah, all that and many more little, itsy-bitsy issues have been cleared up and now we're waiting on some odd policy issues to be sorted out.. then I think we get to submit it!

In promotional news, I took a coding break to record voice over for detailed videos about all the new gun upgrades. I had met the chaps at New Albany Production House when we were showing our games in public recently and we all decided to give working together a go. Recording went great! I should have that video available in another week or two.

In addition there's also a sweet, new, completely bonkers trailer re-introducing Serious Sam Double D XXL coming out really soon--watch for it!



PC Version is coming ? :D

Nathan Fouts said...

We're focusing on the XBLA version right now, but definitely have a PC version in mind.