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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Apple Pie Chart

Here's a delicious look at what my work day looks like right now.  

Serious Sam Double D XXL is super close! Go go go! Time to let people know! What's so cool about it? Let's tell everyone! 
That's what most of my time is devoted to currently and it's getting very exciting! We'll be heading to PAX East to promote the game and we're even throwing a pretty big Mid-West game dev launch party here in Louisville on March 1st!

I'm also working on the super-special PC-only version of Game Type for the "Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, WRITE" Kickstarter backers. I'm adding a special new boss and a new enemy based on Nathan Meunier which will be gab-tastic.

We're working on a party game, Pig Eat Ball, for the new Ouya game console and still in the early stages of figuring out what it's all about, but the good news is, it's already really fun!

And finally there were some nasty crash bugs reported for the Windows Phone 8 version of Shoot 1UP. Still works perfectly fine on Windows Phone *7*! But WP8 was not out at the time of launch for the game so we weren't able to test it. I'm just now getting the phone and the time to look at see what is wrong. Fix soon, I hope!

There also may be some other secret projects percolating in the background, but I figured we can wait on those. 

Remember to tell your friends about the Serious Sam Double D XXL Facebook page--now excuse me while I kiss this pie!

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