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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ouch, We Slipped a Disc--

--into the Xbox 360!

Mommy's Best Games is proud to announce one our games is now available on disc! In this current age of independent development, digital distribution, and streamlined costs, it's very exciting for us to have had one our games be deemed so popular that it was included in a disc release.

The Serious Sam Collection is now available for sale on Amazon through publisher Maximum Games and lists the contents as "4 Legendary Games Plus DLC". These include 3 canon Serious Sam games developed by the original developer Croteam, and our own, double-the-wacky Serious Sam Double D XXL!

From a technical standpoint this is also very exciting as I believe this is the only XNA game to have been released at retail on a disc like this. And I can personally confirm that Serious Sam Double D XXL does actually run off the disc itself. The game is not distributed through a download token found on the disc, and you're not required to install the game to the Xbox's harddrive. And the game can run without an Xbox Live connection! From the other XNA devs I've talked to, this is surprising as I think most thought XNA required a connection, or was not built to run off of a disc.
I wasn't involved in the development of this collection, so it looks like Maximum Games did some nice work getting it to run off the disc.

In any case, it's a big day for us, and a nice collection too. Grab it if you're looking for hours and hours of frantic, monster-gibbing fun. When we started back in 2008, I only assumed we'd be releasing games in digital form, never on physical disc, so it's a special honor indeed!


Alejandro Martinez said...

You sir, have just raised the bar!
Once again I might add, since the very beginnings of XNA/DBP days with weapon of choice.

Sonik said...

About XNA requiring an internet connection, it's just the Indie games that require.
XBLA titles work offline (shizoid, dishwasher).

I'mLegitCrazy said...

Congrats! :)

I loved Shoot 1UP and Explosionade, but DoubleD XXL slipped past me when it initially released. Anyways, I grabbed this disc version and DoubleD XXL is actually my favorite Serious Sam game of the bunch. I love 2D side-scrollers, plus the art direction is fantastic.

Thanks for the enjoyable game!

PS: It's too bad BFE doesn't run a little better.

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