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Monday, October 21, 2013

Serious Sam Double D XXL on Steam

Serious Sam Double D XXL is available now on Steam! And as a super gift to our early adopting PC brethren, all new XXL content is free DLC! Yup, if you already own the original Serious Sam Double D released back in 2011, you get all the cool new content for free.

The game is on sale for 75% off for a whole week! (ends Oct 28th)

XXL has been revamped for play on the keyboard and mouse but still works with an Xbox 360 controller. Still quite customizable, and works easily for 2 player couch coop (one can play on keyboard+mouse, while a second plays on a controller, or both can use controllers).

The new content includes the original 8 guns from Double D, plus 32 unique, completely crazy upgrades! There's also new monsters, new levels, vehicles--literally every level has had enhancements made to gameplay flow, new paths, new areas, and new secrets.

And if you're really hardcore we've even included the original version of Serious Sam Double D in there as well!

The most important to remember about XXL on Steam.

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