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Thursday, September 11, 2014

New Logo and PAX Prime

First off, we have a new logo for Pig Eat Ball!
 It took a while to find just the right look, but we hope you love it! And that it makes you hungry.

And please vote for the game on Steam Greenlight!
This will help us sell the game on the Steam marketplace which is kinda a big deal for us :)
Please tell your friends too--every vote counts! 

And the other big news is PAX Prime 2014 was a big hit for us!
We had hundreds of people come through to play at the show and it seemed like everyone really enjoyed the game.

It was also great for playtesting. Each day I would watch people play the single player and each night I would tweak any levels they were having problems with. Definitely got some valuable information from it.

We also had some good media visits. Razer, the game hardware company, had a team on the floor looking for fun indie games to play and they said Pig Eat Ball was one of their 3 favorites!

Even Gamespot managed to find us and play the Party mode with our custom RMP SHKR controllers in their "PAX the Ultimate Show Tour" video.

Danny O'Dwyer is dreamy... skip to about 24' 45" to see him play our game.

Some other good press too:

And some from Prima Games:

We had plenty of wild characters come through the Mommy's Best Games booth.
Toad and Toadette

Mr. Destructoid!

A man-princess? Not sure where the design is from...

And from the show floor, there was plenty of cool stuff to see as well.

Shovel Knight cosplay!

The Evolve monster was absolutely massive. 18 foot high? Bigger? It was hard to tell with the high show ceilings.

Pikachu keeping an eye on his collection.
Operated like a mechanical bull... but it was a dragon! (Or wyvern I guess, don't think it had legs).

They finally found me!

And Amy and I even got to tour a bit of Seattle.
We visited the "Troll Under the Bridge" which was pretty spooky! It's a huge concrete sculpture hidden under an in-use bridge in the city.

And another night we went to the Sony party which was in the Chihuly Glass Garden. It was gorgeous.

All in all, it was a great trip!

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