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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nasty Fangs, Part 2: The Quickening

So, the picture of the 'Trail Fly' in the previous post was taken over a week ago, and I only just recently got around to posting it. Since the new game (aka Project 2) has gone through a style overhaul. All the art is getting redone, and since the 'Trail Fly' was just redone today, I thought I'd post it.

New version:
Old version:
I posed him in a similar way so it's easier to compare and contrast. Enjoy!

Hmmm.. just looking at them now, I do like the red eyes better on the old one. I'll have to see about bringing that across in the new one. Thanks Nathan! Oh, you're welcome, Nathan. So happy to help. Is it bed time, yet? Yes, I think it is.


Geichz said...

Looking quite good, ohh yeah! Red eyes most definitely. Psyched

Geichz said...

A darker red seems like it would look quite nice. I noticed that the revised Nasty Fangs mouth has more of a look of depth to it and I can definitely visualize it closing up on someone much more easily. Very nice.

Geichz said...
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