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Monday, April 20, 2009

Nasty Fangs

"Mysterious Project 2" is coming along nicely. I plan to be able to share more information about it soon, but i thought it'd be nice to show something from it.

How about a creature!

Creatures encountered in the new game are alien in nature (surprise!) and given simple, descriptive names by the character team as they find them.

This is known simply as a 'Trail Fly'. It mostly flies around minding its own business until you bump into him, or attack him. Then he tends to get all bent out of shape about it, and won't stop dogging you until... well, until he you're in small enough pieces which he can digest.

But wait, what's this about a "character team"? Find out soon!

1 comment:

Geichz said...

"But wait, what's this about a "character team"? Find out soon!"

Very exciting, I am very happy with the design i'm seeing - I've seen enough already to know this game is gonna kick some serious ass!!