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Monday, May 11, 2009

Grapple Buggy

We're proud to announce our second game:

Take control of the prototype Grapple Buggy piloted by Nova Commander Javeya, and her alien co-pilot Drozo to explore the newly discovered VALD-END 317. The distant planet seems to house massive amounts of Tetravaldisae, known to its harvesters as ‘Vald’. Used to create fuel for faster-than-light travel, Vald is the single most valuable commodity in the known universe.

The New Homeworld Armada and the Drozo Empire have formed a strained alliance to confirm these portentous readings sending the Grapple Buggy and its team into action for the first time. Can the Drozo Empire be trusted? Has Javeya’s government thrust her into a compromised situation? Will VALD-END thwart both species schemes?

Swing into action with Grapple Buggy!
  • Sumptuous blend of buggy-driving craziness and grapple swinging glee!
  • Upgrade your buggy with new wheels, jumping abilities, and devastating new grapple arms!
  • Fight or befriend—explore VALD-END to encounter both terrifying xenofauna and sentient aliens!
  • Features dynamic decision branching, and multiple, story-driven endings!

And we'll leave you with the image of one of the co-pilots of the buggy itself: Commander Javeya of the New Homeworld Armada.
(Click for the wallpaper image!)


Jo8nathan said...

Yes! Driving and Grappling! I love it already and it has nothing to do with the hot co-pilot (but perhaps a lot to do with her choice attire).

Anonymous said...

Commander Javeya ought to get a sports bra, otherwise those melons will be slapping her in the face as violent as the buggy ride seems to be :D

Also I think your game concept might just very well be the best thing ever.