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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Crunch the FUN

I'd like to pretend that "crunch time" has finally started as E3 draws near, but honestly that's been going on for about a month now at least. Thus, with all there is still to do, this update will be kept short.
The good news is the Grapple Buggy E3 2009 Press Demo is looking and sounding freaking great!

I added the emphasis on "sounding" because I'm working on sound effects right now and that's about all I can think about. Earlier in the week it was level design. Whenever I saw something I wanted to interact with in real life (like grab a cup or move a chair) I imagined myself box-selecting it and dragging it with my imaginary mouse. It's probably about as healthy psychologically as it sounds.

Now that it's sound effects time, I'm completely in tune (Ha! Not intentional but it made me laugh afterward) with each little, tiny detail of the sounds of every day life. Well, I'm in tune with normal sounds, but I have to imagine them exaggerated.. since most everything to do with the Buggy needs some sweet whooshing or whirring noise associated with it to make it seem more future-y.

I've been to a lot of E3's before but this is the first one that I will personally be showing off my own company's game. I think with the show moving back to the LA Convention Center it could turn out to be as good as the 'old E3'. Either way, E3 is right around the corner so here's to a really big shoe!

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