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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Everyone Wins!

Giveaways are fun.
What's more fun than giving one shirt away?
How about giving one to everyone that participated!

That's right the shirt Giveaway is over, and after reading all the funny comments, and checking my mega-stash of Grapple Buggy shirts, I decided everyone that made an effort would get a shirt!

I'll be emailing the comment-writers soon, and I hope everyone enjoys their prize.

In Grapple Buggy development news, I will be working on getting the game to work using Game Studio 3.1 so everyone hold their breath! Assuming anyone's still alive, I'll do an update when it's okay to release said breath.

And speaking of Game Studio 3.1--it seems like Christmas in July has come early because apparently Xbox Live Indie Games will be getting user ratings!
(You know... this news is like a Christmas gift... but in July. I have no idea when they'll actually implement the user ratings.)
User ratings--wow! Finally, a way in Xbox Live Indie Games to separate the wheat from the chaff... but without all the chafing.
Now if we can just get a simple path for finding the games on the dashboard. What do you think Microsoft--maybe something for Christmas in December?


Geichz said...

Wow!!! I can't beleive I missed this some how - that sucks - congratulations to those who managed to Snag a Grapple Buggy shirt

Geichz said...

oh and if ya got any left over i wear a large :-)

Medela backpack said...

This is so much encouraging and optimistic post, I enjoyed reading it, thanks for posting!

Matt said...

Ah those of you late to the table. Such a pitty.

I am afraid my Grapply Buggy T shirt (medium if available) will be fully operational when your friends arrive.