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Monday, June 8, 2009

Story time & T-Shirt Giveaway

Hooray, E3 is over and it was spectacularly not sucky! Great job guys!

I took a super-special demo of Grapple Buggy to the show and managed to wrangle a few daring members of the press to take the titular (giggady) buggy for a ride.

And guess what--no one died! They also seemed to like the game. Hooray for hummus!
Here's some of the stories:

I wore and handed out fancy new Grapple Buggy T-shirts at the show. The shirts look similar to this but more 3D in person:
Grappley, eh?

Well I'd like to give one away at random to those that play along!

All you need to do, to enter this particular giveaway, is post a comment to this blog post, and include a synonym loosely associated with the word 'grapple'. (In other words, have fun coming up with the word or words.) It could be as a verb, noun, etc. So for instance your comment could be "This game looks so amazing! I can't wait to *grab* it!" Or you could just leave a comment that says something like "clutch" or "clasp" or "seize", for instance.

The drawing will be randomized but you simply have to post a comment here, and email me at so I have an email with which to contact you, if you win.

Oh, and only one email per entry/comment. You can comment all you want, but that won't effect your chances of winning past your first comment. Play fair, make a comment, send me your email and we'll all keep doing just fine. And I won't be spamming your email something like that. This only for this giveaway. Unless you want some spam--in which case I can forward some your way. Sadly (sorry) I'm only willing to mail a shirt within the Continental 48 states of the US. Finally,
I only have medium, large, and XL T-shirts, so I hope one of those will fit you.

To review: make a comment on this post about the game for this post, including a loose synonym for the word 'grapple', and email me so I have your email address to contact the winner. If I can't get a hold of you, you won't win.

Let's say this ends in about two weeks, so some time after June 22, 2009, I'll announce the winner. Good luck!

UPDATE: Looking good everyone, thanks for the funny comments! Keep 'em coming, there's still time before the random drawing.


matt said...

I just ate so much scrapple, I need a snapple. Mmmmmmm scrapple buggy.

matt said...

Wait...I didn't grasp the contest...but now I do.

Eric S. said...

Should have called it RC Massage Buggy. That way it'd grab the majority of the XBLCG audience.

Nathan said...

Weapon of Choice is one of my favourite games. I can't wait to seize the opportunity to play Grapple Buggy.

Jim Perry said...

Someone is going to have to wrestle the controller out of my hand to keep me from playing this!

Jo8nathan said...

Nice! Going to have to nab me a copy as soon as it releases.
Thought I'd clinch the opportunity to get an antonym in there too.

Kris said...

Can't wait to get my hooks into this one.

Gabriel Ware said...

Hey ! I hope I'll be able to *grasp* a full version of grapple buggy as soon as it comes out ! Having a *grip* on such good games gives you some fresh air.

I'll make sure all my buddies get a *hold* on a version of GB. I'm sure that they'll all *grab* one as soon as they see that playing with buggies *hooking* around, is just as fun as burning down tons of aliens.

Anyway, Nathan, Weapon of Choice was a great game, I'm sure GB will be as good as the last one.

By the way , I could also have used *clutch*, *seize* , or *clasp* but since I'm not living in the US I'm out of the contest ;)
Posting this was just fun ...

Good luck finishing this one,

malleycc said...

Not sure the contest is still going on but I'll take a SNAG!

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