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Friday, April 2, 2010

PAX East 2010 Pics and Press

PAX East is finally over and boy was it a first show! By most estimates there were nearly 60,000 people in attendance and every single one of them stopped by Mommy's Best Games' booth!
At least we'd have liked that. We did get a lot of traffic though, and Shoot 1UP thoroughly convinced many reticent gamers they still *do* like shoot 'em ups and can still enjoy them!

I've been fortunate enough to have been to E3 and GDC for many years now, but being to a fun video game convention *before* everything is setup is a little disenchanting. Fortunately once the show starts the magic begins as well and everything actually turns out looking cool.

Pre-show forklifts scour the floors indiscriminately lifting boxes and eating grown pets. Beware!

Shortly after arriving, Amy begins to construct our booth. I'm sitting in our second blue chair, watching her work.

Now we're getting somewhere! The rental TV and computers are up and rental-dude Tyler is making sure things work.

Near-complete version of the booth. The Weapon of Choice sign was deemed "too much". We put that on the back side to face the lounge area. Believe it or not--and our games not withstanding--we do have our own limits of taste and decor.

Boston, 32 stories high, first morning of the show. The rain didn't dampen (Ugghh) our spirits!

Gamers trying out Grapple Buggy and Shoot 1UP. No the game won't ship with a 5' poster of Javeya (to the right). If we sold it in a box though, we could pack it in!

Crowds formed each hour as we held the Shoot 1UP High Score contest at the show. Guy standing on the left is watching Grapple Buggy in action and literally cannot believe his eyes.

Kotaku's Mike Fahey stopped by to gross us out by hanging a Grapple Buggy grabber off his nose piercing. F'ing hardcore.

I explain to Evil Avatar's "pwnophobia" how the Natal-powered, piano bar mini-game in Grapple Buggy will work.

Here's some of the media coverage for Grapple Buggy and Shoot 1UP from the show:

Video interviews:

Audio interviews:

Stuff with words: (there may be pictures!)

Overall it was a great show--here's to next year!


Hunty said...

hooray! Looks like you had a great time!

Geichz said...

Wow... I looked at your video footage of the PAX East & wow Grapple Buggy is looking phenomenal. I am also glad to hear that you are going for an XBLA release, as GB is looking quite deserving of a bigger audience.

PS. couldn't help but notice the great rating Shoot1UP is accumulating. Good job