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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shoot 1UP travels the globe

Shoot 1UP has been loved the world over, come see the global shmuppreciation!

First off, and truly international, Shoot 1UP has been honored as a Top 20 finalist in Microsoft's Dream Build Play 2010 competition!

A.R.E.S. - Thailand
Abaddon - United States
Abducted! - United States
Alien Jelly - Australia
Armor Valley - Singapore
Beat Hazard - United Kingdom
Capsized - Canada, excluding Quebec
Creed Arena - Australia
Duality ZF - Canada, excluding Quebec
Dysnomia - United Kingdom
JoyJoy - United States
King Spray - Australia
Lumi - France
Mind Over Metal - Australia
Ninja Garden - Ireland
Prismatic Solid - Japan
Shape Shooter - United States
Shoot 1UP - United States
Soul - France
The Shadows in the Underworld - Canada, excluding Quebec

The bolded games are forced-scrolling shoot 'em ups; impressive to have 3 of the top 20 from such a "niche" genre!

There's been tons of great reviews in America, and here's a sampling.

"The Best Possible Way to Spend a Buck."
Game Critics review

"Shoot 1UP- the latest release from Mommy’s Best Games offers shmup fans the largest dose of originality seen since 2003’s Ikaruga."
Tech-Gaming review

"A super-cheap, accessible, and worthwhile Indie shoot-em-up on XBLA."'s review

"Shoot 1UP delivers an excellent shooter experience, and is compelling enough to hold the honor of being the best indie space-shooter available on xbox live!"
Gamespot user review

"Shoot 1UP is a marvel in game design, a game so addictive and fun that it’s hard to pass up
RunDLC review

"If this sort of action remotely interests you, then the full game of Shoot 1UP should already be on your hard drive"
Console Obsession review

8 out of 10
"'d almost be rude for shooter aficionados not to destroy the mechanical-tentacle hybrid forces responsible for your pain"
Eurogamer review

Indie Pick of the month
"Games have been trying to perfect the life and death mechanic for years, and Shoot 1Up has a simple, elegant solution"
Digital Spy recommendation

Odd Bob can barely tear himself away from the game.
"Go buy your own, I’m still playing!"
XNPlay round-up (#67)

"There’s also a boss that fires boobies. 11/10?"
NTSC-uk review

While Indie Games are not officially available in Australia that didn't stop The Go.

"...a sleek 16-bit design that brings you right back to the golden age of arcades."
The Go Indie of the Month

Shoot 1UP's equal to Ikaruga by their measurements! That's some amazing company to keep.
Xbla360 France's review

"A phalanx plus chocolate", probably missing something there, but what could be better than ships and chocolate?
CF-network review

Indie recommendation
"I could write a review or something, but it's best to just go and immediately buy it."
No vale dar en pajaritos recommendation

"A trailer for the frenzied shooting game"
Crie-jogos trailer viewage

"Shoot 1UP is a 2d shooter with a fresh taste" and "Brilliant nonsense"
Spieletipps review

"I mean, oh, a chick with steel boobs and a laser ... really beautiful, yes yes"
Indie Vault review

This is a massive fan post covering most aspects of the game with tons of pictures and explanations.
Most Ultimate Shoot 1UP JET Extreme Extra story!

NSFW Ads, the game has been lumped in with Hentai naughtiness!
New Akiba coverage
I guess we can thank Mecha Lilith for that.

Game*Spark's controversial review
This Game*Spark story apparently sent the commentors into a real frenzy with the game's review of 4.5 out of 5!

And finally a super Japanese fan sent me a scan of the April 22nd, weekly Famitsu magazine (No. 1116)--Shoot 1UP has it's very own page! Though he didn't translate it all for me , he said the title reads "XBL Indie Games is the last frontier for Underground Games".
Also, I can sort of make out "1996", and "HAHAHAHAHA", and they have Mecha Lilith and wrote a bunch, so I think they really liked it!

There you have it, around the world with one plucky little shoot 'em up's coverage in the gaming media.
Auf Wiedersehen!


Matthew Doucette said...

Great press!!

Geichz said...

Hell ya!!!
Way to go!!!

Yo Matt - i'm still looking forward to playing Duality ZF.

Geichz said...

Hoch soll er leben!
Hoch soll sie leben!

Ich gratuliere dir!

Nathan Fouts said...

Thanks guys, I appreciate it!

Hanamigi said...

About the italian one, it's not steel roof, it's steel BOOBS :D

Automatic translations are tricky.

Nathan Fouts said...

Thanks! I updated it.
Boobs makes more sense though roof was funnier in a strange way.

Sined said...

Caduceus with French Beret !!! With stick of braid and French Camembert cheese that would be perfect xD
Big Boobs, Big Game LoL

faizy said...

Great job

Jimmy said...

And here's a post on Shoot 1UP form the swedish video games blog Blog 'em up (entirely in swedish though) -

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about writing a shoot 1Up postmortem?