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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

PAX East and the Chamber of Secret Projects

2D Game developer Mommy's Best Games will be showing off a brand new game at PAX East March 11-13 2011!

If you're going to PAX East, make sure to check the map for the Devolver Booth (I-16) to find us! We will be in the "Indie Alley" near Ska Studios, and Aksys. 
If you are near the Nvidia, Ubisoft, or Rockstar booth you're getting close!

The new, hardcore, PC-centric, blood-pumping, jive-talking game will have a playable demo, so make sure to come by the booth to taste the future of kick-assery.

Here's a few hints: It's not Grapple Buggy (but you already knew that didn't you? Geez, when is Grapple Buggy coming out?... When we have enough money to keep working on it! Gotta pay the bills, because I don't like sleeping on dirt.), and it's not Explosionade PC, though if you're really nice, I may show you a super-special preview of Explosionade PC at the show as well. Ask nicely, bring donuts, and I'll show you cool games! Okay, I'll show you cool games anyway, but bringing donuts would be super chumly of you.
Oh, and we've got another secret project in the works as well (seriously, how many people work here, a million?) but we're only handling the code and helping with design for that one. It's up to the primary developer to reveal that game, but it looks super sexy as well. Seriously, if I had thought of that game, I would have made it myself. It's pretty awesome. And I honestly don't know when that game will appear, probably not GDC, nor PAX East, but maybe E3?

Let's hear it for secret projects and paying contracts!

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