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Monday, August 22, 2011

Serious Sam Double D coming August 30th!

Serious Sam Double D is releasing August 30th on Steam, Get Games, Impulse and other services for $7.99!

We've been working for a while now to get the game ready for Steam and are insanely pumped to have it approved. From what we can tell Steam controls most of the digital distribution game market, so having it available there is very exciting for us.
We've polished a lot of aspects of the game along the way to get it approved including seamless quicksaving, better controller remapping, and better cinematics transitions. I've also jacked up the supported max resolution of the game to 1680x1050.

1600x900 view of the Caterfighter in Pompeii

Chimputees everywhere!
Here's resident gun-nut Huff to explain the glorious Gun Stacker

The page on Steam is not up yet, but should be later this week.
Here's the Serious Sam Double D Get Games page
And the Impulse page should be up soon as well. Should be up on IndieCity and Desura too.


Xeroma said...

Awesome! Though question, will this support 1440x900 resolution? It seems to be kinda inconsistantly supported even among some of the newer games I've played :(.

Adam said...

Cannot wait for next week! The ad kicks ass, which is true for all the Serious Sam advertisements.

One question though: do you think you'll keep the health bar instead of counters in the final game? This might not be a good idea, because at the end of the day, players wouldn't know how much health they have. (Clearly, 30 is different than, say 19, but it's hard to tell from a bar.)

Can you please include an option to switch between a health bar and health counter? For my programming knowledge (which converges to zero), the bars represent actual numbers, but only in a graphical format.

Good luck for polishing this awesome game! :)

Nathan Fouts said...

Yes! We will be supporting 1440x90 and several other resolutions. The game will first detect the closest to 1280x1024. From there you can set higher resolutions in the options menu.

No worries, there a lot of options available in the game, from controller remapping, various resolutions, to HUD changes.

You can set the HUD to show Numbers, Bars, or Nothing.

Adam said...

Then that's a first day buy for me. Period. (even if the health bar was a bar) :) Many thanks for making an awesome game!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure sack dropping 3 inches is legal here in North Carolina...but I'll give it a try! :)

Michael V said...

With this coming out on Steam I can finally buy one of you're games. I haven't been able to before because I'm from a non-XBLIG country (New Zealand). Fingers crossed this will give you the experience and opportunity to bring your older games across to Steam so I can finally get them too.

Anonymous said...

Will there be any way to set the resolution to 2560x1600?

Nathan Fouts said...

@Micheal V
That's awesome, thanks!

>Will there be any way to set the >resolution to 2560x1600?

Yes, there is a debugging command line option that lets you go up to as high as you want. Though I've only tested up to 1920x1080.

On the steam command line for the game (for those that may not know, right-click a game, then go to Properties->Set Launch Options) set "debugResX 1920 debugResY 1080".

The levels should support that high of a resolution (backgrounds, etc). You can go above that, but you'll probably start seeing "outside" of the levels as the res just isn't completely supported.
Try it and see what you think. Good luck!

Michael said...

Could you add some better resolution support?

Nearly every game these days has a 'accept resolution change within 15 seconds' dialog, so it doesn't flicker through each resolution option, resetting the users desktop. Or at least matching the users native resolution (like Anon above, my native is 2560x1600).

I've been keeping an eye on this title and it was also a day 1 buy for me, but the poor handling of resolutions is distracting (to the point of obviously googling and finding this post and commenting).

Nathan Fouts said...

Hi Michael,
Yes, that sense. I plan in the next update to add the "accept changes" button which should be fairly soon.