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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Serious Stack of Numbers

Serious Sam Double D's exact release date will be announced very soon! Bugs are almost worked out. All kinds of secrets have been stuffed in and double-checked. Challenge levels are getting tweaked a little more. Things are really close! That means we know all kinds of cool stuff about the game now. So let's see...

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Matt said...

32 guns, but only 28 gun stacker connectors? Are some of those guns just Too Awesome to be stacked?

Nathan Fouts said...

Good question. Basically in the Gun Stacker system you can several stacks of guns. The biggest a stack can be is 6 guns high.

The connectors go between the guns. So for a 6-gun stack, you only need 5 connectors.

So at the max of 32 guns (if you collect them all), you can have 5 stacks with 6 guns (30 guns), then a final stack of 2 guns = 32 guns.

So we have 5, 6-gun stacks which only need 5 connectors a piece, 5x5 = 25.
Then we have a final small stack of 2 guns, which only needs 1 more connector.

Thus, really we only need 26 connectors. There's 28 to make sure more people get to more of the connectors. I'll think about it and maybe just trim it down to exactly 26 before release, we'll see.