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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Double D Second Update

Fixes and additions:
  • Unlocking golden guns in the challenge rooms saves progress and sticks you with whatever load out was in the challenge room. -Fixed
  • Language setting in-game (you have to set the option, then restart the game to have this take effect).
  • Reticule options Can use dual or single reticules now
  • Made reticule image easier to see.
  • Camera look-forward toggle option (when off the camera won't move if you turn left/right)
  • Challenge levels can be cheated by setting difficulty - fixed
  • Play the game, get guns, then do Start New Game, then go back and reload old quicksaves. It screws up your weapons. -Fixed, now wipes everything on StartNewGame
  • Jump option 2 does not let you drop down.-fixed
  • Tweaked enemy attack-damage values on normal/serious (slightly tougher)
  • Mouse wheel flip button option added (can reverse direction quick select scrolls through guns).
  • 28th connector missing. Fixed, added to "room of blood" secret area.
  • Extra translations for Spanish, Italian, German added.

His loadout was trashed too...
If you were effected by the 'golden guns' loadout problem...
(Background: What could happen in the previous version, if you beat the game (and unlocked 1 golden gun) then unlocked another golden gun when saving a challenge, the game would save only those weapons used in that challenge (eg. only having 4 flamethrowers). )
The bug is fixed, but you may have been effected by the problem. That would mean your inventory is stuck with just a few weapons. If you want to get your inventory sort-of back, there a few options
1. You can do a Start New Game and re-find all weapons, secrets, etc (maybe on a higher difficulty).
2. I've uploaded a 'save state' in which I played through on Normal, getting only the weapons in my path and a few secrets (not many at all). If you'd like to donwload that, it's right here:
Go to here on your harddrive C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local.
Delete the contents of the SSDD folder.
Take the contents of the NEW folder you downloaded, and paste it into the SSDD folder on your harddrive.

That will give a lot of weapons to start with and you can play something like Serious mode or try out the Challenges.

Unfortunately there was no way to recover the lost inventory for those that had this problem, I'm sorry. But this is a bit of workaround.


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