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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Help the BABIES get back to their MOM! Ride the Porkerpillar and gobble up the tasty treats, but watch out for trouble! 

Click for original-size

The Porkerpillar is sort of like a caterpillar crossed a pig. A very happy pig.

As the stork flies by, a baby falls from a rip in the cloth sack, waking the Porkerpillar. It's time to wave and undulate his body to move the precious baby around, helping them eat yummies but also dodge danger while making your way to his mom.

Donuts are good for you, right?
This project was specifically made for the Experimental Gameplay Project which tasked designers to make a game that only uses 5 buttons. Traditional console games use directional pads (which alone use 4 or more buttons) or analog sticks, plus other face buttons and triggers.

This contest was special in that the finalists would be shown in a public party setting, with 5 large, pressure-sensitive buttons used to control the chosen games. 

And the great news is, Porkerpillar is one of the finalists! The contest+party is being held this Friday, wish us luck!

And if you'd like to try the game out, here's the link. Be warned though, some PC keyboards will not properly allow all keys 1 through 5 to be held down at once, which compromises the experience considerably. (My desktop keyboard doesn't work with 5 keys at once, but my laptop pleasantly does, so it may in fact work for you.) Here's a handy test for your keyboard.

Triple-baby mayhem!
There is only one level currently. We may pursue developing the game further for touch-devices. It was a fun, and different project to make, enjoy! And it was our first non-violent game--crazy!


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I like it very much, suitable for children, increase the pleasure, ha ha!

Physics Games said...

This game looks great, where can I play the game?

Nathan Fouts said...

Click on the game link page, there's a download link near the bottom. It's an prototype of a single level. Enjoy!

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