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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shoot 1UP Phonorama

Shoot 1UP for Windows Phone 7 is in it's final stages of testing at Microsoft (it's nearly finished with 'pre-certification'). It's getting close to release!

I recently finished up some art that will hopefully get used as panorama promotion on the phone. Enjoy!

That weird, green, dog-faced thing is a new mini-boss in the phone game. And the player ships in the lower left, firing the Plasma Auger up at the mini-boss are new to the phone as well. They can pivot in any direction!

Here are various resolutions for wallpaper usage:

Shoot 1UP Panorama 1600x1200

Shoot 1UP Panorama 1280x1024

Shoot 1UP Panorama 1152x864

Shoot 1UP Panorama 1024x768

Shoot 1UP Panorama 800x600

Get those touch-screen fingers limber, intense phalanx phun is coming soon!


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