Mommy's Best Games, Inc. is an independent game developer founded in 2007. Our seventh game, currently in development, is Pig Eat Ball on which we started working in 2013. This is behind the scenes thoughts about game development and marketing.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Blackberry Pie Chart

Recent primary distributions of my work time, past few weeks:

Most of my time is for something very special and (sorta) secret for Serious Sam Double D 
  • Game art 50%
  • Promo art 20%
  • Administration 10%
We also have two other programmers working on that, but this chart is just for my time. 
A quick readjust for the whole company is more like 50% code, 30% art, 20% everything else (I'd redo the graphic for it, but it was a pain! Probably next time.)

I'm also still doing a little clean up with Shoot 1UP Windows Phone 7
  • Final bug fixes 5%
  • Promo design 5%

Pie itself was mostly blackberry, with some blueberry. Filling was good, but the crust was a little heavy. Guess I'll try using less flour next time.


Adam said...

Any hints at when we're going to hear more about this "secret" thing for Double D? :)

Nathan Fouts said...

Hi Adam,
Hopefully very soon! (Maybe a week or so? I'm not the last say on when the info is released.)

Anonymous said...

Any timeframe for making a new pie?
Signed, your family

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