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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Double D Postmortem at GDC

I will be giving a postmortem about Serious Sam Double D next week at GDC, Friday at 3:50 pm in room 135, North Hall.
I'll be talking about how best to work within someone else's IP, what it was like working on a Serious Sam game and what went wrong and right for Double D as a project.
I'll also probably talk about what's next for Double D and MBG!

Show schedule link
Get serious and come visit!

Sword and Sworcery

My gun-stacked postmortem is hammocked between postmortems for two HUGE games: the first is Sword & Sworcery, and the second postmortem is for a mystery game that is a really big deal!

Come for the comedy, stay for the learning!


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