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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Serious Sam Double D XXL

We're taking Serious Sam Double D from Steam to Xbox Live Arcade this Fall! I'm excited develop for XBLA thanks to support from Devolver Digital, but the cool part is we're not just doing a straight port--there's a lot more going on.

To help illustrate the expanded content and features, and make it easier to keep track of, this new version is called Serious Sam Double D XXL.

One of the new enemies in XXL, the "Torcher Kitty". His belly is filled with love. And lighter fluid.
Here's a cheat sheet to all the cool new stuff.

  • Two-Player Local Cooperative Play - Huff will be the second playable character! Not sure who Huff is?? Check this out.
  • Gunstacker Upgrades - Shotguns that fire a horde of bees, Prism Lasers, the return of Serious Sam’s trademark Cannon and more!
  • New Campaign and Challenge Missions - Take to the air in your very own missile-loaded Pterosaur or roll through your foes on a dynamite-powered unicycle!
  • New and Upgraded Enemy Classes - To balance out all this new firepower we're adding new enemies such as the Torcher Kitty (see below) and the Explosion Eater! 
  • Reworked Level Design and Flow- And to better frame the new enemies, and Gunstacker additions, there's lots of tweaks to each level and to the flow of the game itself (such as an improved checkpoint system).
  • Voice Acting  - Serious Sam's original actor voices Sam, and we have the absolutely bonkers Huff guy, Netricsa to balance out the 'boys', and General Maxilla to add a dash of evil.
  • 800 MS Points, Fall 2012
So yeah, the important points are ... XXL has two-player local coop, there's new levels, and we're going from 8 guns to 40! And not like "40 combinations" this is actually 40 different types of guns. Some are more tame, like a Machine Pistol that allows you to glide, but most are full blown new weapons, like the Shotgun with bees (trust me-it's cool), and the Van de Graaff Chainsaw.
We've tried to make sure all the new guns influence and enhance how you think about combining your guns.

Check out some screens (Click to make them "XXL!" :)
That's Huff jumping, firing the new laser rifle. Sam is about to be mauled by Armored Gnaar.

Sam riding the "Lunicycle", his dynamite-powered unicycle.

Sam is fighting a Torcher Kitty (above left) while shooting the new Cannon in a stack.

Huff is firing the Prism Laser and Electrostatic Orb in the upper right in Pompeii, while Sam fires in the lower left.
I'll be detailing lots of the new game here in future posts as well.
Press kit for SSDD XXL


Adam said...

Any chance for this to come out on PC as well? :S

Anonymous said...

Having this on PC would be pretty cool.

OoPpEe said...

Local Only Co-Op is disappointing.... ever a chance of a TU that allows online play?

Adam said...

Please tell us that this awesomeness will make it to the PC sometime after the XBLA release! :)

Nathan Fouts said...

I don't know if/when we'd do online coop, though yes, that'd be nice.

Thanks! It's definitely possible we could end up bringing this back to PC. We'll see!