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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Group 2 Questions for Shoot 1UP Phone Skin

This is the second group of Shoot 1UP Phone Skin Giveaway questions.
Check out the first group of questions and answer those as well to win the cool prize!

Normal Group Questions: 
  1. Shoot 1UP is out on Windows Phone 7 but on what other platform has it been released?
  2. What type of objects are lying destroyed in the background of the first level in Shoot 1UP?
  3. What's the name of the female android boss from the box art of Shoot 1UP?
Email me the answers (see below) to this second group of questions for a chance to win!

To celebrate Shoot 1UP being available on Windows Phone 7 we're giving away awesome phone skins!
The skins sport a sprawling battle across the first level of Shoot 1UP, are made of high quality vinyl, and allow you to protect your phone from bumps and scratches, all while making it look like your from the future.

You have several chances to win!
All you have to do is answer some Shoot 1UP trivia!

Prize as shown on a LG Quantum. Pick any phone you want for your skin!

Next group of questions on Friday!

  • Get any group of three questions correct. For each group answered correctly, that's another chance to win!
  • Sometime around Sunday, September 16th, I'll announce the winners. 
  • Like us on Facebook and follow MBG on Twitter for more chances to win!
  • See at the bottom for details.

You have 3 chances to win. No game purchase is necessary (bug your friends for the answers, or check the Internet), but it's greatly appreciated! Answer the Shoot 1UP trivia questions. Several groups of questions will be offered throughout the week of September 10th, 2012. If the answer is particular to the Windows Phone 7 version it will say as much. If you get any group of 3 questions correct, you'll be entered into the pool of potential winners. Be good to each other. For each group you get correct, I'll enter you into the pool once (answer 3 groups correctly, you'll be 3 times as likely to win). For those people with correct answers, I'll randomly select (at most) 3 winners. You can only win (at most) one phone skin. I'm the judge of the answers, and all rulings are final. 
Prize details:
I'm buying the skins through If I pick you as a winner, I'll need your phone model to know what to make the skin for. If they don't have the model on the site, I'll have to pick someone else! Sorry! (Check first then for your phone before entering? Or just enter for fun anyways.) If there's international shipping involved, I'll have to see how much it costs first before I can agree to send it. I think international will be doable! Unless it's like a hundred dollars or I have to pay off your local government or something. Just mentioning that caveat.

How to send your answers:
Email:, subject "Shoot 1UP Trivia"
or Facebook: Message me personally (Nathan Fouts) (since company FB accounts don't seem to be able to send messages.)
You could also just leave your answers in a comment below, but make sure I can contact you somehow.

Good luck!
Check back for more ways to win this week!

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