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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Louisville Arcade Show Wrap 2014

The past weekend we spent showing Pig Eat Ball at the Louisville Arcade Expo and while I'm still a bit hoarse, it was pretty great. Definitely something I would go to on my own even if we weren't exhibiting at it.
About a hundred arcade and pinball games open for free play, and some to purchase

So many interesting old consoles I'd not played.
Here was an Epoch console with Yosaku on display here. You chop trees while avoiding bird droppings. I tried to pretend they were eggs but my kid was certain it was bird poop.

Some very nice, large, bead art of Super Mario Bros 2.
Our own booth changed over the course of the weekend. The show started Friday and ran through Sunday. On that first day we brought Pig Eat Ball and let people play the 4-player local version, or the single player.

Family time!
Ladies enjoyed it as well.
It was fun roping in a parent to play the game with their kids. They'd think it was too complicated, but once they got the hang of it, they were trying to win as much as anyone. Being able to touch on some of the family fun of Wii Sports or Just Dance is very exciting. It's great to see families enjoying themselves.

Mario and crew pigging out!
I didn't know Fox McCloud was sexy, but it works.
Guys whom we affectionately called "Yin and Yang" playing Serious Sam Double D XXL. On the second day we brought out the Xbox 360 to show that game as well. Some gamers had even heard of it or already owned it!

Even traditionally angst-filled teens and 20 somethings enjoying themselves!
My own personal find was Dragon Sabre on the Turbo Graphx 16. I had known of the game, but nevery paid much attention. But once I played it, I found out it was excellent! So many wild monster designs and some pretty good art and gameplay. Excited to add this to collection some day.

Thanks to everyone to came out to the event!


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