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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pig Eat Ball at the Louisville Arcade Expo

I assume you're thinking... "there's a big arcade and pinball expo in Louisville?"
That's the appropriate response, and--Yes there is!
Guess what--it's this weekend, March 7th, 8th, and 9th! They have daily tickets and weekend tickets; there'll be over 100 arcade games and pinball machines all set on free play. You get to walk around in a nostalgic, game-playing haze all day. It's glorious!
If you buy a ticket for an adult, a kid 10 and under can get in for free. Time to teach them well about ye games of olde.

Pig Eat Ball in Public

In addition to all those cool games, we'll be showing our own brand new game--Pig Eat Ball! The game will be running in it's 4-player, competitive mode, and it's pretty insane to play together. We'll also have a fun giveaway or two, and a very special, custom controller to try out!

Race to eat the balls the fastest

It's like pool, but there's no cue stick

Crash those lucky cats
The game is still in development, and this will give us some crucial feedback on the play balancing in the multiplayer modes.

So come on out this weekend, play some games and eat some balls!

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