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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Conversion is in progress.

Weapon of Choice
has several levels running right now on the PC. Unfortunately, it needs to run on the XBox 360, since that's the real platform for which it's designed. The game is a high-action arcade style side-scroller that can be played with the keyboard and mouse but is best played with a game controller. The good news is, converting it to the 360 will be easier than usual since the game is built upon XNA. The bad news is, until now I've eschewed the 'Content Pipeline' part of XNA. I'm now in the process of getting the game to use that system.

I really enjoy gameplay design, gameplay implementation, and art. I don't generally enjoy engine or tools programming. I do it because it's necessary, and it's the right thing to do. This conversion is very painful for me, but I've managed to find a good amount of help on the XNA forums. When a full level is running on the 360, I'll post the exciting proof. As it stands now, here's my current test situation: a tree that draws off the top of the screen. It's not exciting yet, but I'm really happy to see that tree drawing right now!

Look at that! It's on the TV--not the computer monitor! It's very exciting!

Yes, that's a standard definition TV. Although I can see how the game will render on a HDTV since the computer monitor is pretty similar, I also like to see how the game will show up on the standard definition TV. I believe a significant portion of game players still have this type of TV--this includes myself.