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Monday, June 9, 2008

Game Resume: The Team

I'd like to talk about what games I've worked on in the past but also who's working on this game. There should be several posts, and to keep it from getting too dry, I'm going to end each of these Game Resume posts with a screenshot of how Weapon of Choice looked in the early stages.

I'm doing most of the development on Weapon of Choice. What does that mean? Well I'm doing the 1. game design, 2. programming, 3. artwork, 4. animation, and 5. sound effects.

That leaves the story and the music. AJ Johnson is writing the story and dialog. He's a great writer and also has the largest collection of games of anyone I know personally. (Yes, this really bothers me. I own a lot of games and systems, but his collection still tops mine.) Hamdija Ajanovic is composing the original, hard-rocking music score. He's worked on movies and original albums and his beard can probably go a round or two with Chuck Norris's.

And for the business side of things, my wife Amy Gandell Fouts helps deal with people since I'm sort of a tactless monster. She's written grant proposals for non-profits like SAAF, Child and Family Resources, and Jewish Family Services LA.

For dessert, here is a very OLD screenshot of the game (mild laughter is permitted):

This was back when I first got the level editor running and was testing out IK for Xerxes and the first monster, the SpikeSack. And I was apparently making my player characters as large as Last Battle instead of something playable like the original NES Batman.

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