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Monday, June 23, 2008

Weapon of Choice runs on the Xbox 360!

It's official! I finally have the game successfully running on the Xbox 360. It's amazing to see it playing on the TV instead of my computer monitor. Knowing it's running on the console and seeing it on my shabby, standard def TV just makes it feel very 'official'. Once it ran I was able to bask in the victorious glow and enjoy that achievement for about 400 milliseconds.

Why about half a second? Because that's how long the horrible frame stutters lasted as the game chugged along on the Xbox! It was like the beginning of ABC's Wide World of Sports, but instead I got to feel both the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat in the same moment.

Yes, it was crushing to see the game barely limping along at about 5 frames a second. It actually stutters at about 10-15 fps down to nothing, so it's hard to estimate. Fortunately, I've been doing some reading and it seems like this slowdown conversion is common. There are many differences between the Xbox 360 and the PC architecture, and now I get to find out all about them! Or at least as many things as I can discover. I do have hope that I will get the game running fast enough for fun and hopefully to a point that it could even be considered smooth!

Here's a photo of the game running on the Xbox on a real TV.
That alone will keep me smiling for days (I won't let needing to optimize the game get me down)!


matt said...

I seem to have figured out how to comment on this...for the second buckle up for a comment storm.

matt said...

This is good. Now it seems you are that much closer. Work faster!

Posting a little clip of the game running (on pc or better yet 360..would be fun...for ME).

You know what's really hard? Lords of Thunder...that is hard. Will your game be that hard?

Nathan Fouts said...

Lords of Thunder is definitely a blast, and while difficult, I don't find the game overly cheap especially considering other games at the time.

But Weapon of Choice will be challenging, but very forgiving. It will give you lots of chances to evade danger and when you finally get hit, you'll know why it happened and how to do better next time.

Ravin said...

Dear developer,

I looked for a way to get a hold of you to let you know that your game is the top of the line of all current xbox community games. You should hold pride in what you accomplished showing what can be done with some dedication and hard work. It took looking through screenshots of multiple wretched pong clones and similar other games hijacked from Atari to find something worth downloading. I randomly stumbled upon your game which was like a shining diamond among a pile of coal. It's wonderful proof that there is hope for the future of community games. Thank you very much and I will look for any future releases you put out with sincere anticipation.

Nathan Fouts said...

Thanks Ravin!
Encouraging words are always nice to hear. It's great to know you enjoyed Weapon of Choice. Thanks for playing!

Bomjus said...

I keep playing the trial over and over trying to get better at they guys. I broke down and bought the game. I'm enjoying it immensely keep up the good work!!! and put out some more games!

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