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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

10,000 sales

Weapon of Choice recently passed the 10,000 sales mark, selling at 400 MS points! While I could have picked 9,837 sales as our arbitrary milestone, I thought 10k had a better ring to it. We're very happy and grateful to all the fans that have supported the game along the way. We know you have lots of gaming choices and it's a honor that you've picked our game to have and to hold and to use to kill disgusting aliens.

Originally we had higher expectations for the service. Since then we've recalibrated our estimates and believe 10k is a solid achievement, as it places Weapon of Choice in the Top Ten best-selling Indie Games to date*. And to better convey the size, I've compiled a small list of relative concepts that 10k copies of Weapon of Choice represents:
  • 47,823,213 gallons of alien blood spilled.
  • 919,534 brushes with Death. Under similar circumstances, Death would have stolen player's lives in other action games.
  • 423,525 references by gamers to Wilford Brimley, followed by 173,189 trips to his wiki page.
  • 276,207 frowns turned upside-down as the Vengeance Missile did its job.
  • 184,622 WTF's when encountering the various ungodly alien invaders throughout the game.
(All statistics discretely recorded by PARMAbots tele-imported from the year 2188.)

On a serious note, when possible I like to share information about our business's inner workings with the hopes of helping other developers in some way down the road. I want reveal information about Weapon of Choice's sales to encourage others to share more information about their sales more frequently. Xbox Indie Games is not even a year old and has shown it is different from the other digital stores. The more information developers have, the better decisions they can make in the future.

Weapon of Choice from November 19, 2008 to September 21, 2009:
Total sales : 10,010
Total trial downloads: 160,000+
Approximate conversion rate: 6.25%

This is a graph of the running total for sales.
(Click to zoom!)

And this shows the daily totals for sales.

Here is the running total for trial downloads.

And here is the daily trial downloads.

In addition to on-going game development posts, I also plan to release each month's new sales of Weapon of Choice on the dev log here for all to see.
(*Source: Xbox 360 dashboard->Game Marketplace->Indie Games->Browse All->All->Sort by Best Selling)


Nick Busby said...

Thanks for the info, Nathan. I find it odd how your game only has about a 6% conversion rate, though, and a game like "I Made a Game with Zombies in it" gets 44%. Besides the possible better time to release games (given the service has more exposure now), I'm guessing the price makes the major difference (not saying the efforts you put into WoC deserves it to be as low priced as IMAGWZII).

Unknown said...

Awesome! Can't wait 'til Grapple Buggy monster crushes these numbers though.

DMAJohnson said...

Congrats. Hope you can continue to do this kind of work full time. :)

Damien said...

Congratulations Nathan !
I think that, as more and more gamers discover this indie game channel, WoC will continue to grow. I'm sure that the lifetime of your game will be far longer than what you expected.

Be sure to put an ad-screen for WoC in your Grapple Buggy trial version.

Download XBOX Games said...

Yah, I even wish that he should continue with such good work.

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Matthew Doucette said...

Nathan, thank you so much for sharing this information with us. It could mean way more to us than you (or we) could possibly know!! :D