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Monday, November 10, 2008

Down to the Wire

So although it is 42 degrees outside, things are heating up inside. The game is up on Creator’s Club catalog in the Playtest category. In the meantime, Nathan furiously continues to work on the last minute things, like what happens when memory cards get swapped out during gameplay and setting up the trial version of the game, with up-sell screen and all.

The great news is, so far no crashes or bad bugs.

If you are on Creators Club, we encourage you to play-test Weapon of Choice and give your feedback. If not, you too shall have your chance to obliterate hideous aliens; Weapon of Choice will be ready for purchase on 11/19.

After a couple days of testing with no crashes, we anticipate getting the game in for Peer Review. (Again, Creators Club members, please Peer Review us)

This is THE week- and as they love to say here, in the wide-open-parts of Indiana...


Boscoe said...

Awesome! ready to serve under Wilford Brimley's command! Cause it's the right thing to do, and good for your diabeetus!

Shobo Coker said...

Best of luck, things sound like they're going well, even if it's all a little hectic!

Brandyn said...

Hey guys, I saw the game when it first went up with NXE. Can you believe with all your hopes you were featured on the NXE Welcome page? I definitely have to say that at first the tiny distorted picture in the feature made me think the game was ugly and then I played the demo and completely had regrets for not downloading sooner. The game is gold, definitely an instant buy as your game enters a whole new level of kick ass. You guys need to be more confident! The game has so many awesome ideas and I get a huge kick out of the art style and settings. Keep making things that instill power and they will keep coming. When the rocket started powering down to the planet I was like like "HOLY CRAP MAN this is Awesome!". Just imagine how many times you guys have done that all over the world. You guys should have tried to enter this as an Arcade game with achievements etc. Your game could easily stand on its feet along side Castle Crashers and it obliterates many games that ARE on Arcade.

Keep up the amazing work guys.