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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Extreme Gratitude

I struggled last night to create a post regarding the Weapon of Choice launch. I knew what I wanted to convey, but my thoughts were all over the place. I decided to sleep on it and finish it this morning. Well, this morning, I decided to google "Community Games" and "Weapon of Choice." What I found were numerous sites with Community Games forums. I could not stop reading. I was overwhelmed by what I read.

November 19th was a day we look at with excitement and fright; Weapon of Choice would be out there for the world to play, judge, criticize, critique, and hopefully enjoy. It is a little hard to admit, but Nathan and I felt, and still feel, a little naked, exposed and vulnerable. However everything thing we have read online lets us know that the past year was not for naught.

To all the fans who downloaded and purchased the game,
...took a $5 chance to buy the game without downloading it first,
...told their friends (real and virtual) that the game was fun,
...send us an email about your positive WoC experience,
...interviewed us, posted on a forum, commented to a blog, or shouted to the sky...
Mommy's Best Games says,

AND - join us at our events in Atlanta tonight and tomorrow. We are delighted to announce that Blake Edwards, from the Project Owlboy dev team will be joining us.

(Nathan will resume posting soon. Right now, he is busy working on the next game concept art and some holiday goodies for fans of the WoC art style & monsters. Check our Cafe Press store in about a couple weeks.

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