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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shipped--Let's party!

We did it. Weapon of Choice is IN the Community Games Catalog. We're set and ready to go for November 19th launch. Thanks to all for your continued support, encouragement, and for spreading the good word about Weapon of Choice. (Oh, and thanks, in advance, for buying the game! wink, wink.) Also, we decided out price would be 400 points ($5)-- a veritable STEAL!!! If you think we should have charged $10, maybe you should but two copies of the game?

Inspired by the Isabelle's in Tucson who are hold The New Xbox Experience Launch House Party, we decided to do the same thing... except we are now in Atlanta where we do not have a house NOR do we have gaming friends in this area. So, calling upon the powers of the internet, we located 2 console gaming centers to hold our events. Friday, November 21st, we will be at Waba Games in Duluth, GA from 7-9 PM and Saturday, November 22nd, we will be at the Computer Arena in Roswell, GA from 3-5 PM. Attendees can:
* Meet the Developers *
* Play the full version of Weapon of Choice will be FREE *
* Check out other brand new 360 Community Games *
* Learn more about XNA and how to make games for Xbox Community Games *
* Take home free giveaways! *
There are admission fees into the console gaming centers. Admission is reduced by $5 at Waba during the event. These will be exciting and fun nights. Tell your Atlanta gaming friends to come join us.

Also, we have a new trailer. So, pinch your uvula and cross your toes.


Jonathan said...

Nice! The Death Brushing looks so cool. I liked the uh...thing that scratched its umm...sack at the end.

See you at the party!--j/ much as I want to go, I don't think the kids are up for the 2000mi drive :)

Shobo Coker said...

Congrats to both of you mate, huge achievement!

Jeph Kneel said...

Congrats mighty Nathan. Game looks really fun! We are looking forward to playing it. woot!

Shobo Coker said...

The new trailer looks really nice.

Dominic White said...

The new Xbox dashboard launched successfully today, along with the XNA Community Games panel. First I demoed and bought was Weapon of Choice.

First of all, digging the game. It's like Contra on a bad acid trip. Burnt through the game pretty easy on Normal, now I'm working through on Hard to try and get that fourth and final ending.

One thing, though - any chance of a patch that adds proper 16:9 widescreen support? It's pretty much the standard for 360 games, and it looks really weirdly (and not in a good way) stretched out on my TV. 4:3 does not scale well.