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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Help Peer Review Weapon of Choice!

I'd like to get Weapon of Choice ready for the Community Games Launch but I need your help!

The game has to pass peer review before it can enter the catalog. If you are a Creators Club premium member, you can review the game now! The sooner you can review it the better. It helps us know the process is complete and ensures we are ready for Day One of the launch. Thanks to all who can help!

If you're not a member, consider getting involved. It's easy, plus, in addition to Weapon of Choice you get to check out oodles of other crazy games before they hit the market.


MichaelS said...

Just bought this amazing game and came here to congratulate you. It is really an awesome, unique shooter and at the moment my favorite sidescroller on Xbox. Looking forward to more games from you! :)

N. Stone said...

I concur. This is probably the best shooter I've played since gunstar heroes. Kudos. Not just the blast from the past however, there are some new mechanics that I haven't seen. Keep it up. If MS allowed it, it's really a game that deserves some sort of traditional retail release (imo).

Weltreise said...

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