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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The move is finished.

We're back in Indiana! I had to fly with the computer which was pretty scary. It's a desktop model and I hadn't heard of anyone traveling with them (nor read anything prominent on the web). It turned out fine though. I did make sure it was a carry-on, but it's kind of large. It's also a little flashier than the typical grey box, though not particularly spectaular. I'm not ostentatious but this was a simple a matter of economics as it turned out this well ventilated case was cheaper than a dull-colored case. Pretty much any security person over the age of 40 looked at me funny as passed through the checkpoint. Other than that, it managed to fit under the seats of a Canadair Regional jet (2 small seats on either side of the aisle).

Yeah, that's a Victoria's Secret bag holding all my design drawings... sometimes any bag will do.

Powering up, the computer works fine and it's time to hunker down for some character re-works. I'm going for more dynamic poses with better designs in general. I'll post a comparison of the first character's "before and after" when I finish it up next week.