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Monday, January 28, 2019

Speed Runners Update for Pig Eat Ball

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Update Details

A new update for Pig Eat Ball is live in which plenty of "RNG / Random number generator" gameplay has been REMOVED, to ensure better replays of levels.

* For anyone just wanting to enjoy the game - regular gameplay is still great (there is still tons of variety).

* But ALSO now, for those wishing to climb the Leaderboards, and just trying to improve their fastest times on their favorite levels, things are much better now!

* Lots of enemies and events have had the "RNG/Random" elements made to be "deterministic". It means the levels are still crazy and chaotic, BUT when you reset the level and try again, balls, enemies, and hazards will all react the same.

* (Exceptions to this rule include: flying "Bot" bugs, bosses, and a few spots here and there still have some randomness to them, to ensure the max fun, and twitch skill requirements.)

* Hundreds of levels were slightly modified to ensure they are still super fun, but also easier to replay and get the same outcome, to make them more exciting to go for the fastest time.

* Note: Leaderboards have been reset. This is because the levels are now different from a speed-running perspective, they've been rebalanced and players will now get different times. So to make it fair, they've all been reset. I do not plan to reset them again. They should be ready now for serious speed-running.

*(Why did I have RNG in the first place? To require twitch-based skills in wild, chaotic levels. I see now though that it was *too* much randomness, AND I've found ways to ensure chaos, but with repeatability--the best of both worlds!)

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