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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Easy Editor

I've spent the summer making the level editor for Pig Eat Ball great!
And the team from Super Soul in nearby Lexington have been working on improving the framerate for Xbox One so that's feeling good too.

Our 'Mario Maker' style level editor has had most of the tough programming and UI accomplished. We are now still fixing small bugs and making sure all the objects are usable in the new UI system. The 'advanced' editor is still available, and usable since there are some objects that are too complicated to work in the Easy Editor, at least currently. But the Easy Editor is ready to go in general and we've already made some fun levels using the new editor.

Ready for some screens?

Check 'em out!
This level is from World 2, you can see the arrows for the butane torches.

Here is a World 3 level complete with bowling pins.

And this is the drop down "object palette" which lets you pick a new swathe of things to place.

 And here's a cool animated gif of the level editor in action!

Use the "eye-dropper" tool to quickly copy an object in your level and place it.

Work continues now on Worlds 4 and 5 and working to increase the framerate and improving menus.