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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Serious Sam Double D

Our new game, Serious Sam Double D, is part of Croteam's Serious Sam Indie Series created to help promote the new 3D game called Serious Sam 3 BFE due out later this summer!
Read more about the other games featured.

UPDATE: Here's the link for the up-to-date main page for Serious Sam Double D.

(Original post for the announcement follows:)

Once again, Sam ‘Serious’ Stone must use the Time-Lock to travel through time and destroy the enemies of humanity’s past, in order to save its future. But since his last outing, 2 important new relics have been discovered: the Gun Stacker and the Porta Pad. Only Sam is serious enough – and crazy enough – to use this untested technology.

All that stands between victory and annihilation is a man with a T-shirt and jeans… and a great big pile of guns.

  • One gun sometimes not enough? Two still too wimpy? Try firing all your guns at once with the Gun Stacker system!
  • New Enemies in glorious 2D! Serious Sam Double D brings the crazy with new creatures like the flying Chimputee and the Etanoh Salvo Spider!
  • Porta Pad technology: Secret technology to be revealed at PAX East this weekend!

Remember if you're at PAX East this weekend, come by the Devolver Digital booth (I-16 in the "Indie Alley") to play a demo of Serious Sam Double D!

Screenshots and art below (they may load a little slow, but they're worth it! Click for full resolution.)

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

GDC 2011 Wrapped

I only spent a day at GDC 2011 but it was jam-packed with lots of useful talking and listening. I had breakfast with an old friend who now helps run Ogmento who recently released a free iPhone game featuring some extremely cool augmented reality technology. Their ghost game has some of the best 'mark' tracing capabilities currently around!

I got caught up with a game journalist friend who's since gotten out of that business as he said big websites continue to turn to younger writers in an effort to find cheap labor, seemingly not valuing any true experience in writing. Don't get me wrong, you very well could be a good writer right out of college, but when big sites are paying less and less and not working to retain experienced writing talent, it hurts the readers and the writers.

Next I journeyed to a nearby hotel to have a very fruitful meeting with Microsoft. More on that hopefully in a few months!

I then swapped hats and went to talk to Sony about another platform of theirs. Very excited there as well.

In the afternoon, I joined the XBLIG panel featuring Ska Studios, Magical Time Bean, Zeboyd Games and Mr. Game Developer Magazine where we talked about what's been good with the Xbox 360 service and what's been not so good. To anyone that attended, thanks for coming! It was a pleasure to be there.

I wrapped up conference, taking in a great talk by the amazing Will Wright. He spoke about what he'd change now with his game from 1984, Raid on Bungeling Bay, and a really interesting side story about Russian space travel.

I got a delightful tour of Double Fine studios from a friend who had worked on Stacking there, and then had drinks with sound design guys from Austin.

Ian (Magical Time Bean) and I closed the night with a round of Deathsmiles on his sweet, big-screen setup.
All-in-all one of my shortest, but best times at GDC!

Oh, and I stopped by the DBP booth at the show and got some sweet Indie Games swag. If you'd like one of these little white stickers that say "Xbox LIVE indie games", stop and visit me next week at PAX East at the Devolver Digital booth (I-16) in the "Indie Alley".

(Link to pdf of PAX East map:
Booth I-16 is in the middle, straight down.)