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Monday, September 12, 2011

Double DRM Free


Serious Sam Double D was released on PC for $7.99 on August 30th around 1pm EST and within about 5 hours a crack by the "Theta" group showed up on the web. That seems pretty good in terms of interest in the game to have a crack out that quickly! It's flattering honestly. But I'm worried some of the gamers downloading the game and enjoying it may not have yet purchased a copy as well.

I realize there is no demo of the game currently but we'll be releasing one shortly. 
UPDATE: The Free Demo for Serious Sam Double D is out now!

I also realize that even with a limited demo, some gamers may download the crack of the game to try it out with no demo restrictions to see if they like the whole thing. I'd simply like to plead with you that if downloaded a crack of Serious Sam Double D and enjoyed it, please buy a copy or donate! Thanks!

Don't want to deal with Steam? Just want to keep the bootleg but still pay for it? No problem, you can donate to MBG as well!
(Any Paypal info will not be used to prosecute, belittle, spam, or stalk. But we'll probably send you a thank you!)

Mommy's Best Games is a very small company of passionate developers, but passion doesn't manifest peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on our plates. We also need money in exchange for our fun games--if we miss out on a few hundred or thousand sales of the game due to pirating it's a BIG DEAL for us. You may have played half-way through the game, and thought "Oh, I'll pay for it at some point"--well consider this a friendly reminder to pay via the donate button or the Steam page!

The tough part of course is we don't know how many copies we're losing to cracks, but there are tons of pages floating around and we get a lot of traffic to the site from those pages. We've gotten requests that people want to contribute not deal with Steam so there's the new way with the donate button. The game was even cracked a second time after we've updated a few things recently!

DRM Free
I'd like to point out that while the non-cracked version of the game requires an internet activation to play, you can run Steam in offline mode and play the game that way as well.  There is no restriction on the number of installs you can make once you've purchased the game. The Steam version of Serious Sam Double D only has traditional "copy protection".

Thank You! 
Did you enjoy the Gunstacker system? The weird enemies? The crazy secrets? I hope so, and if you did, purchasing a copy of the game or donating helps fund our future projects. Even if you didn't beat the whole game, please think about a purchase.

We'd like to make even more games you'll enjoy! Every sale helps and thanks for your support!
(And we'll definitely get the demo out very soon.)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Double D Second Update

Fixes and additions:
  • Unlocking golden guns in the challenge rooms saves progress and sticks you with whatever load out was in the challenge room. -Fixed
  • Language setting in-game (you have to set the option, then restart the game to have this take effect).
  • Reticule options Can use dual or single reticules now
  • Made reticule image easier to see.
  • Camera look-forward toggle option (when off the camera won't move if you turn left/right)
  • Challenge levels can be cheated by setting difficulty - fixed
  • Play the game, get guns, then do Start New Game, then go back and reload old quicksaves. It screws up your weapons. -Fixed, now wipes everything on StartNewGame
  • Jump option 2 does not let you drop down.-fixed
  • Tweaked enemy attack-damage values on normal/serious (slightly tougher)
  • Mouse wheel flip button option added (can reverse direction quick select scrolls through guns).
  • 28th connector missing. Fixed, added to "room of blood" secret area.
  • Extra translations for Spanish, Italian, German added.

His loadout was trashed too...
If you were effected by the 'golden guns' loadout problem...
(Background: What could happen in the previous version, if you beat the game (and unlocked 1 golden gun) then unlocked another golden gun when saving a challenge, the game would save only those weapons used in that challenge (eg. only having 4 flamethrowers). )
The bug is fixed, but you may have been effected by the problem. That would mean your inventory is stuck with just a few weapons. If you want to get your inventory sort-of back, there a few options
1. You can do a Start New Game and re-find all weapons, secrets, etc (maybe on a higher difficulty).
2. I've uploaded a 'save state' in which I played through on Normal, getting only the weapons in my path and a few secrets (not many at all). If you'd like to donwload that, it's right here:
Go to here on your harddrive C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local.
Delete the contents of the SSDD folder.
Take the contents of the NEW folder you downloaded, and paste it into the SSDD folder on your harddrive.

That will give a lot of weapons to start with and you can play something like Serious mode or try out the Challenges.

Unfortunately there was no way to recover the lost inventory for those that had this problem, I'm sorry. But this is a bit of workaround.

Friday, September 2, 2011

GunStacker Strategies and First Update

Serious Sam Double D is out now on PC! To help you blaze a trail through the enemy hoards this weekend here are some:

GunStacker Strategies

Don't Blow Your Stack
Put your Rocket Launchers and Grenade Launchers in their own stack. Once you get comfortable with things, you can start intermingly them with Tommy guns and Shotguns. But early on, keep explosives separate. Then you can quickly switch to your big, BIG guns for distant bosses or giant dinosaurs.

Playing With Fire
The flamethrower has a special ability of stopping all enemy bullets. If you're having trouble in a level with lots of missiles or Biomechanoid lasers or rockets, add a few flamethrowers to your stack. It sucks down fuel fast, but it can stop enemy shots before they reach you.

Order Up
Placement in your bigger stacks (especially 5-6 high) can make a difference when wading into a seething mass of gnashing teeth. Putting a shotgun on the bottom, Tommy guns or laser guns in the middle and another shotgun on top can give it more spread to also handle Chimputees in the air.

Trigger Happy
The Chainsaw and Machine Pistol (your first gun) have infinite ammo. Better yet, the Machine Pistol can fire as fast as you can click the trigger. Putting these two together in a stack can be a "go to" close range stack to save ammo and handle up-close trouble.

Fit and Trim
If you aren't using a gun, put it down in your Inventory rather than having it clutter up your Quick Select. This way in the heat of a giant battle you don't accidentally swap to a single shotgun and get your face ripped off. Then when you find more connectors, bring it out of the inventory and put it to use!
That said--it's good to keep around a single shotgun sometimes to swap back and forth when taking out single enemies, then fighting big crowds.

The Vuvu loves you.

Game Update 1
 A new update is available now for the game. Steam will automatically download this. The following is the changelist for all bugs and issues addressed:
  1. "Russian crash" fixed! There was an issue with the Cyrillic alphabet causing a crash on start-up. This is handled properly now. 
  2. Jump-pad wall glitch fixed.
  3. Cursor is now locked to the screen in Windowed/Multi-monitor mode.
  4. Video Resolution Menu now has an "Apply Resolution" button. While swapping through resolutions, they won't be applied till you hit this button. 
  5. 4th Tommy gun was missing from Dark Harvest. Added back.
  6. New "No Blood" option to completely remove blood if desired. (Crazy!)
  7. Backgrounds touched up for higher resolutions. (Won't show purple edges.)
  8. Translations fixed for guns in gunstacker mens.
  9. Golden guns explanations in stats was broken when you beat the game. Now retains proper setting.
  10. Vuvuzelators get stuck in walls less. 
  11. Player stats have been rephrased before you beat the game to make more sense. 
  12. Ammo changing per levels is retained properly now.
  13. Secrets buttons in menu sometimes overlayed the level name (adjusted).

That's it for the first update. We will continue to tweak the game and add improvements in the future.
Good luck and Enjoy Stackin'!