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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Controller Prompts and Lots of Achievements

The past few weeks of work on Pig Eat Ball has been dedicated to coding in dozens of achievements and to getting controller-specific button prompts to show up.

Oh, and we released a snazzy trailer for the PS4 announcement!
Check it out:

This may change, but currently we have around 50 achievements possible in the game! Programmer Matthew Barnes has been working for weeks coding them in, and while some of them are mundane like "eat 1,000 balls", some are going to be tricky like "shoot yourself with your own dart"!

Now you may be wondering: why include mundane achievements? I like a few of those "stat-based" achievements. And in Pig Eat Ball you will definitely be eating lots of balls! We do have a few stat- based achievements. And I think we'll all get a fun, little smirk when we see the achievement pop for "Barf 10,000 Balls".

As for "will there be any *actual* achievements?", of course! There are definitely some designed to be tough to do, and impressive to have actually achieved them.
I like to include different achievement types in my games: Tutorial-Style (they help teach you something unique or tricky about the game), Stat-Based (satisfying to watch your numbers increase), Skill-Based (these are tough to do).

In other news I've been adding button prompt art to the game for the Xbox version, but also for the PS4 version. It feels amazing to see the two controller styles working! I think it makes it feel all-the-more real that the game will release on both platforms.
Xbox controller!

Playstation controller!

And for even more controller fun, you can see them pop up, in action, in this short little video:

That's all for now.
If you're in the States, make sure to enjoy some good pie during Thanksgiving!
I made some apple pie on Tuesday, and I plan on making several pumpkin pies next week.