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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Pig Eat Ball, April Update

Pig Eat Ball, our upcoming action-puzzle game about getting fat and barfing, is still coming along nicely.
Here's what the team has been up to recently.

Andrew Curry is the lead level designer and level builder for the game.  He's been on the project for several years and has designed several hundred levels in the game and there's still more to go!
He's been recently working on the giant overworld levels. Here's just one sub-area of World 1, the "Outer Courts".

Area 1, World 1. View from the level editor
Matthew Barnes has been programming on the game with me for several years as well. Initially he was coding on the level editor, but is now working on gameplay objects. He's been working on a ceiling-type object that you can drive underneath, and the object fades out so you can see the gameplay below.
A view of the ceiling tiles from the built-in level editor.

Here is Princess Bow, moving underneath the tiles, and you can see the nice fade.
Bentley Usher is an intern on the project for this Spring. He's been tasked to do some gameplay code for the various Disguises that your player character can wear. I've done the art, and Bentley is adding the "Pros" and "Cons" code to the Disguises.
After you get a new Disguise, you can see what abilities it has.

Here's Princess Bow in a test level, with several Disguises in the works.
And I've been reworking the World 1 boss. I had a boss in place originally and he was fun and all, but not crazy enough. So the previous boss has been moved to a 'mini-boss' status for World 1 :)
This is very early, and the art is only roughed in and will improve. But here's a peek:
He's pretty scary to play against!
Pig Eat Ball has been Greenlit for sale on Steam.
The current plan is to have Pig Eat Ball go into Steam Early Access in a month or two.
Or you can pre-order the game at the link below, and get a build to play now. This will let you see our changes even sooner, and actually play it as we build it!

We plan to release the final version of the game some time in 2016.