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Monday, March 18, 2013

PAX East 2013

Mommy's Best Games will be in the Devolver Digital booth #607 this year. Come by, play some Serious Sam Double D XXL, stack some guns and maybe win a prize!

We've compiled this handy map showing indie game developer booths at the show. It's even big enough to print.
Make sure to go to the Indie Mega Booth. It's huge and awesome and has devs like Ska Studios and Dejobaan. This map mainly shows all the devs *not* in the Indie Mega Booth. And there's tons there as well!
Here's the full exhibitor list.

Also we'll be running a fun promotion called "United States of Indie Booths". Visit 8 specific developer booths and get a chance to win 8 games from them! Just drop by our booth and get a 'passport' and I'll fill you in on the details.

See you soon!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Vuvuzela of Plenty

If you saw the Xbox 360 dashboard last night (in the US at least) you may have noticed this funky creature!

It is the 'Vuvuzelator'. An evil stack of pancakes that blasts you with its vuvuzelas growing from its body.

I created the concept for the creature and drew it for our game. But my lovely wife commissioned an artist to create a 3D sculpture of it for me last year for my birthday!

Don't stare directly into its cute blueberry eyes or you're a goner.

Austin, Texas-based resin auteur 'Motorbot' creates all manner of creepy, amazing-looking creatures. Not only is the detail excellent, but the various textures and materials is lovely to see in person!

Speaking of Austin, we'll be at SXSW this weekend in the Interactive section!
UPDATE: We'll be at Booth 312 - SXSW Gaming - Palmer Events Center

Make sure you find the Devolver Digital booth or just follow the sound of blasting vuvuzelas to find us. We'll be showing Serious Sam Double D XXL, giving out prizes, and telling all the bad jokes we know about evil pancakes. "Did you hear the one about the angry pancake driver on the freeway? Yeah, he totally flipped me off!" (Flipped? pancakes? Okay--don't let that deter you, come out and see us!)

Yes, we'll even be giving out vuvuzelas! But those will be pretty tough to win. We do have another fun prize that's easy to win! Just tell me the secret word "Pteradon". It makes sense in relation to the game, plus it's another fun toy you can use to grief your friends. Just like in coop.
See you this weekend!