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Thursday, June 15, 2023

I Bought a Game Company!

 Okay, okay, I didn't buy the whole company exactly, but I bought all the IP for their games!

You may remember them from the early 80s. The company is Occidental Designs. They made a lot of obscure arcade games, with limited releases, and one of their best games was Bumpy Grumpy.

Wait, you don't remember Bumpy Grumpy? Personally, I vaguely remember playing it on a trip to see the St. Louis Arch back in 3rd grade on a field trip. Were ate dinner at a smoky Pizza Hut and I was drinking way too much Dr. Pepper.
The original company behind Bumpy Grumpy was Occidental Designs. Ring a bell? Did you know Occidental Designs was the only game company endorsed by both Milli Vanilli AND Orson Welles?
And I know you're old enough to remember Milli Vanilli. And how GOOD they were at singing, right? They sure were authentic. Boy, oh boy, they were true artists. When Milli Vanilli endorsed a company, you knew that company was on the up-and-up.

When you get a break later tonight, you should skim through the "history" of Occidental Designs. If you're into arcade stories, you'll get a real kick out of it.

" You’ve lost your papers and are late to work!
Race through packed streets and zip by hordes of wacky drivers. "
We're bringing back this amazing arcade game by first releasing it on Steam.
If you could please add it to your wishlist, as it really helps us get it in front of more people.
And long live the arcade!

Friday, February 3, 2023

Mommy's Best Year in Review: 2022

What did I do, in public game-dev view, in 2022? 

We released two entire games!

I know, I know, they might not be what you were hoping for from Mommy's Best Games, but rest assured, there was plenty of behind-the-scenes work going to prepare for big games to come. 

But come on, these are still pretty great games!

Spring Time

In the spring of 2022 I finished work on a contract I had with Girls Make Games. They had a very nice concept from a young team, of making an underwater exploration game. It's called What They Don't Sea, and it's about finding life in ocean, but also realizing that trash is clogging and harming all that life! I spent several months doing game and level design, and coding, and helping the team bring their game to market. It was released on Steam in November of 2022. Check it out!

I worked on "What They Don't Sea" by Girls Make Games


The rest of the year was working on secret projects. But I also worked here and there, touching up Game Type DX. As I detailed in previous posts, it took a long time to get it to release to consoles, mainly because the game started its life as a mockery and commentary. As such it has lots of details about the Xbox 360 in particular. Which means Nintendo and Sony really flipped their wigs, reviewing the game. It took forever to get the game approved, but I love how it turned out.

Our own Game Type DX, out now on all consoles!

 I spent a good amount of time adding new enemies, levels, and modes to the games. If you love a quick, high-score shmup with some serious 'tude, give it a play!

And into 2023

And now in 2023, I can say I am starting to talk to publishers about our next big game! It's super scary to be reaching out to people finally, but they are liking it, so that's encouraging. With any luck we'll have something to reveal this year (I hope!)

Thanks for a great year!