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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Alpha Pig!

Pig Eat Ball has finally hit "Alpha"!
That means all the gameplay, levels, and characters are in, but there's still some things to rearrange and big bugs to fix. But that also means we're releasing the game SOON!

If you backed the game long ago, check your inbox, because I've emailed out all the Steam keys. If you didn't get one, check your Spam folder. And email me if you still can't find it.

Here's some art I did to encapsulate what going Alpha feels like. 

Yeah, that's me blissfully driving the spaceship while my tech lead, John Meister from Super Soul, is pushing this crazy thing :)
Now we'll see if the wheels stay on this jalopy as all the testers play the game for the first time!

You can complain about bugs over on the Steam forums here:
And we will be chatting with folks on our Discord server here:
Finally, for all those interested, please Wishlist the game on Steam!

And tell any friends about it too, it really helps. 
Thanks all!