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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shoot 1UP on Windows Phone 7

We're excited to share that we're porting Shoot 1UP to Windows Phone 7 with a bunch of additions and custom changes to fit the touchscreen hardware. Microsoft Studios will be publishing the title as official Xbox LIVE title meaning the game will have Achievements that register to your Gamerscore, and Leaderboards (at least WP7-style leaderboards, which is all it still supports).

If you're unfamiliar with the original version of the game and the concept, check out this short video. The original is available on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel on your Xbox 360. Basically it's a space-ship shoot 'em up, but you fly all your ships at once!

Here are the first batch of screenshots for the Windows Phone 7 version of Shoot 1UP, which we expect will release in January 2012. Screenshots in a press kit are also available here to download.

Click to enlarge!
The bullet count is much higher than the XBLIG version.

Dead whales return!
Yes, it's a lot of bullets, and yes, it's still very possible to beat.

More suggestive lasers!
Screen-filling bosses for all!

In getting the game working on the touch screen we realized it was waaaaaaaay too easy, even for Shoot 1UP standards. We've worked to continue raising the bullet counts, but also making sure it's still easy and fun to play. The main reason it still works is having all your ships active means you may lose all your ships but one--but if you hang in there, you'll get a new 1UP to help you out!

New Features include:
  • Touch-screen controls mean better control for players so we added tons more bullets to dodge!
  • New Game mode: Score Tilt. Tilt your phone to speed up gameplay and increase your score multiplier!
  • An brand-new level, boss, and enemies!
  • Unlock official Xbox LIVE Achievements and compete against your friend for a high score!  
We'll be putting out a gameplay video pretty soon and explain more differences soon!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Serious Sam Double D Demo Out Now

Been curious about Gunstacking? Ready to tear into a Biomechanoid with a Tommy Gun, Shotgun, and Chainsaw all at the same time? Then give the Serious Sam Double D Demo a try!

Say hello to "Femikazes". They are in the demo and would love to show you a good time.

Find out what side of the Metacritic fence you're on! Serious Sam Double D has ratings ranging from 95%, 80%'s, 70%'s, ... all the way down to 20%! What's this madness? Talk about a polarizing game--how about we just stack some guns and shoot monsters!

This is the Chimputee BattleMaster, the first major boss. He's not in the demo, but you can see him in the full game.

Here's a few review quotes from places you may trust:

"Mommy's Best Games' 2D shooter is fun the whole way through." - 7/10 - IGN

"Easily the most insane and downright fun 2D shooter I've played all year, if not ever." - 85/100 - Strategy Informer

"There's quite a lot of cathartic fun to be had with such a reckless onslaught of bullet-flavored justice" - 7/10 - Destructoid

"Check your brain at the door, kick back, relax and enjoy a little carnage. It's worth it. Seriously." - 8/10 - Worth Playing

Go on--give that demo a try and buy the full game for only $7.99 if you enjoy it!
There's 18 campaign levels, 12 challenge rooms, 25 weirdo enemy types, and dozens of giant guns to stack!