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Monday, July 28, 2014

Pig Eat Ball Most Innovative at Casual Connect 2014

Just returned from the Casual Connect conference in San Francisco and it turned out pretty great. Pig Eat Ball won "Most Innovative Game" at the show! The awards ceremony was really nice too, like our own little Emmy's but for indie games at the conference. Each award had a video introduction, and the three finalist games had their trailers played, while the game and company were announced by the woman running the show. At the end, the winner was called and you went on stage, got your picture taken and even got to say a few words!

I was pretty surprised, but excited to win, so when I got up on stage, I was in a bit of a blur. I managed to say something about "liking barf and pie".. and "long live indies". It wasn't coherent, but hopefully entertaining.

The venue was amazing too. It was in the San Francisco courthouse which was gorgeous. It was filled with police officers whom I'm not sure if they were thrilled to be baby-sitting game developers that were drinking and carousing but then again nothing got out of hand.

I met some fun new devs there too. I shared a booth with Glowstick Games who ended up winning "Best in Show: Audience Choice" with their horror Oculus rift game. It's called Dark Deception and is definitely scary with the addition of stereoscopic 3D. There game is on Greenlight too, so give them a vote!

Also made friends with the Whispering Willows team who ended up winning the "Best Story" award at the show. And I roomed with Jon from Mijikai Games, who's game Heroes of Rune was nominated for "Most Promising". Turns out he's not only a good developer, but a fantastic dancer!

The Casual Connect show is an industry show which means no public was playing our game, but we had plenty of industry folks enjoy it. And between the award and new business contacts, it was definitely worth participating in.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Casual Connect About to Get Sick

Pig Eat Ball was selected to compete for the Indie Prize Showcase at Casual Connect!

I'll be showing the game next week in San Francisco at the Casual Connect conference. If you're going to the conference please stop by to try it out to see what this whole barfing thing is all about. And I'll have our one-of-a-kind "butt rumbling" RMP SHKR controllers there next week for the 4-player Party Mode!
Each too many barfies too quickly and you'll barf again! Just wait to burp a little after each.

Lecture Time

And at the Casual Connect show, in addition to having Pig Eat Ball there, I've been asked to speak. July 22nd at 3:30pm I'll be giving a talk about transitioning a concept from a game jam entry to a full-fledged commercial product. Come by for an earful!